Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mazunte, Oax

[Backlogged fron June 9th]
Julie and I have left La Ciudad and headed south to the coast. we are in a small town called Mazunte. It is the off season and most things are shut down and turned off. We made an initial reservation at a posada that had a website and a phone number so that we knew we had a place to stay when we arrived. This place was inevitably owned by up-state New Yorkers (new agers at that). They used the verb ¨to share¨ for everything, ¨we would like to share something with you, you owe us 80 dollars for the room.¨ We have since moved to a new place overlooking the beach with an excellent hammock placed just right to view the coast. The new age place was great too but difficult to get to with long staircases and wierd people.

Julie and I are attending to our emails in the only internet place in town. The sticky keyboard is a challenge. Above my computer on the wall is an advertisement for work in the US as an ice cream truck driver. 600 to 1200 dollars in 7 months! There{s a phone number and email address if your interested. Does anyone know where the 803 area code is for?

Anyways, we are here in the heavy heat of the coast. We are mainly just trying ways to fight the humidity, sun, and mosquitos. We are also surrounded by cool birds I{ve never seen before. Yellow throated cacique, trogons, and western tanager. This town reminds me of the little towns I visited in Costa Rica in the northwest.

I am trying my best to be a beach bum but its so hard for me to just sit, Julie and I so anxious to explore and check things out. But we are retiring frequently to little cabañas for 2 for 1 drink specials. These refreshments mainly just make me want to take a nap. Which is completely out of the question without a mosquito net.

The ocean is fairly rough right now so many of my dreams of snorkling all day are dashed by the ominous waves and threatening red flags on the beach. hopefully I{ll get a bird tour in one of these days.

Got to go now. we are happy and safe thus far. A little sun burned, only reinforcing the desire to relax and stay out of the direct sun.


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